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5 Plastic Surgery Myths Exposed

Myth 1: “Extreme Makeovers” are common occurrences
Television shows from years past like The Swan and Extreme Makeover skewed the public’s perception of what is normal practice in the world of plastic surgery. The vast majority of patients in fact only come in seeking improvement in one particular area, not the entire body. If numerous procedures and areas of the body require attention, it is far more likely that the surgeries will be spaced out over a reasonable amount of time. Let’s keep the “extreme makeovers” to the Home Edition!

Myth2: The safety of silicone breast implants has still not been proven
This misconception is definitely still out there, despite the fact that a 14 year ban on silicone implants was reversed by the FDA back in 2006. This move allowed women in the United States to get the same type of implants already approved in other countries all over the world. USA! USA!

Myth 3: Having breast implants will increase your chance of getting breast cancer
The Institute of Medicine has reported evidence that breast implants in fact do not cause breast cancer or recurrences of the disease. However, women with breast implants should still get regular clinical breast exams and mammograms just as they would if they did not have breast implants.

Myth 4: Women with breast implants cannot breast feed
Another very common misconception is that having breast implants somehow restricts a new mother from breastfeeding her baby. Some believe that implants taint the breast milk, while others believe that implants make breastfeeding impossible. On the contrary, the Mayo Clinic has said that breastfeeding with implants is safe and encourages mothers to do it if they are able to.

Myth 5: Women are more concerned with plastic surgery than men
A 2006 survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) showed that 83% of men believe that their physical appearance plays a significant role in their professional lives in terms or business success and promotion. Cosmetic procedures performed on men have been on the rise for years. The most common procedures men seek are Botox, hair restoration, laser hair removal, liposuction, and microdermabrasion.