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Choosing the Correct Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation Options Women decide to get breast augmentation for a wide variety of reasons, from breast reconstruction after mastectomy, to improving their post-pregnancy proportions, to feeling sexier in a swimsuit. It seems there are as many breast augmentation options and breast implant types as there are reasons to get the procedure in the first […]

Breast Augmentation Options

Women decide to get breast augmentation for a wide variety of reasons, from breast reconstruction after mastectomy, to improving their post-pregnancy proportions, to feeling sexier in a swimsuit.

It seems there are as many breast augmentation options and breast implant types as there are reasons to get the procedure in the first place. Once you have decided to enhance the size and shape of your breasts, it’s time to familiarize yourself with these breast implant options.

I invite you to call for an appointment and come into our center for your personal breast sizing session. Here you’ll get a chance to learn about the different types of breast augmentation procedures and which is right for you. Meanwhile, here is some basic information on your breast augmentation options.

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The most common breast augmentation options:

Breast Implant Types

Breast implants fall under two categories: saline breast implants and silicone breast implants. Each of these has its own benefits, drawbacks and reasons for use.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are essentially a silicone shell that is filled with a specially prepared saline solution. Since they enter the body before being expanded with saline fluid, these implants can be inserted through small incisions. Saline implants are rolled into the shape of a cylinder and placed into prepared surgical pockets in the breasts.

Once these implants have been correctly placed, the plastic surgeon expands them to their proper size using the sterile saline solution. Minor modifications in volume can be done by your plastic surgeon during the surgery.

Some Factors to Consider About Saline Breast Implants

  • Saline implants are available to women 18 years of age and older
  • Saline breast implants have more chance of visible wrinkling or rippling. This doesn’t make them a good choice for post-mastectomy reconstruction or over-the-muscle implant placement
  • Saline implants tend to look more round
  • If saline breast implants rupture, you will likely see it right away. Your body harmlessly absorbs all of the leaking saline and the shell deflates
  • The outer shell of saline implants is made of silicone, which holds the sterile saline solution inside
  • Since saline implants are inserted unfilled, the can be inserted through incisions underneath the breasts, in the dark area around the nipple (areola) or through an incision underneath the arm
  • Saline implants are a little heavier than those filled with silicone; as such, they are slightly more likely to respond to the downward pull of gravity
  • These implants are normally filled and adjusted during surgery, allowing the surgeon to increase or decrease the volume of saline as needed to adjust size and enhance breast symmetry
  • Since saline (water) does not have nearly the consistency as natural breast tissue, saline implants tend to feel less like normal breasts

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants are filled with a soft, elastic gel and are available in several different shapes and many sizes. All silicone breast implants come pre-filled from the manufacturer and may require a longer incision for implant placement. No minor adjustments can take place during the breast augmentation procedure although implants of different sizes can be used when needed.

Silicone implants are particularly good for women who do not have much soft tissue coverage, offering a more natural, softer feel, closer to natural breast tissue. The silicone gel in modern silicone implants is a thick, semi-cohesive substance.

Some Factors to Consider About Silicone Breast Implants

  • Silicone implants are available to women 22 years of age or older
  • Silicone implants give a more realistic feel and look more like natural breasts
  • Silicone gel implants have an outer silicone shell which holds a cohesive silicone gel fill that acts more like a solid, holding together uniformly and retaining the feel of natural breast tissue
  • Silicone is a slightly lighter substance than saline, so there is a slightly lower risk of displacement due to the pull of gravity. This is a minor factor to consider for women seeking larger implants or those who are experiencing droopy breasts
  • Silicone gel implants are usually placed through incisions underneath the breast or around the dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola)
  • Silicone implants are pre-filled, and require larger incisions compared to saline implants

Autologous Fat Transfer

Another option for women who are looking for a small to moderate increase in breast volume is autologous fat transfer. The ideal candidate for this breast augmentation option is a woman with targeted areas of excess fat, such as the inner thighs, abdomen and hips.

To perform an augmentation with autologous fat transfer, the plastic surgeon will liposuction fat cells from one of the donor areas, put those cells through a process of preparation and refinement, then inject them into precise locations in the breasts.

Choosing the right breast augmentation option

In order to make your final decision about your breast augmentation procedure, you will need to see the various types of implants and have a chance to discuss these in person during your private consultation.

Breast augmentation surgery is a long-term solution to achieving your ideal figure by getting the breast size and shape you’ve always wanted. To make sure you get the results you’re looking for, you need to consider several important factors.

Here are some questions you can start asking yourself now:

  • What is the most important change I would like to see in my breasts?
  • How much larger would I like my breasts to be?
  • Am I looking for more of a lift or also an increase in size and volume?
  • Do I prefer more rounded breasts?
  • Would I like my breasts to be more “high profile”?
  • Is there someone I would like to have with me during the consultation to help me decide on the size and shape of my new breasts?
  • And very importantly, am I doing this for me, not because someone else wants me to?

Choosing the right breast augmentation surgeon

Having your breasts enhanced can be a happy and exciting experience when you have chosen the right plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. That plastic surgeon must have the best training, be board certified, and have extensive experience in breast augmentation.

Educated at Harvard, Princeton and Duke universities, Dr. Ganchi ranks among the most well educated plastic surgeons in the country. He was Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery in the Plastic Surgery Program at Harvard from 2000 – 2002. Dr. Ganchi has been Board Certified in Plastic Surgery since 2003 and has been performing breast augmentation procedures from that time until the present.

Here at Ganchi Plastic Surgery, we recognize what a big decision breast implants are and will ensure we answer all your questions and make you feel comfortable with your decision. We will spend the time needed to recommend a surgical plan that’s tailored to meet your goals. You will find the staff friendly, helpful and supportive.

We’d love to see you here at Ganchi Plastic Surgery to discuss what changes you are looking for in your breasts and to show you the various breast augmentation options available to you. Visit our Breast Augmentation Gallery then call us for a private consultation.

This information is for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Any change in your medical care should be first discussed with your physician.