Because information spreads rapidly across the internet and media, misinformation about plastic surgery has overtaken facts, leading to confusion. Dr. Ganchi provides clarity and shares scientific and medical facts to dispel misconceptions and answer common questions about plastic surgery.

Finally… The Real Expert Scoop on All Things Plastic Surgery

Are silicone implants really safe?  Can I get a face lift without anesthesia during my lunch hour?  What’s the difference between Botox and Restylane?  Has Angelina Jolie had any plastic surgery?  How do I find a top plastic surgeon?  These are only a few of the many questions that my patients and others ask me on a regular basis.

Are you fascinated by all that cosmetic plastic surgery can do?  Are you a celebrity gossip junky wondering who is being nipped and tucked?  Are you looking to have plastic surgery yourself and have questions about safety and efficacy?  Well, you’re in the right place.  Plastic surgery is my passion and my expertise.  There are too many “experts” out there who are busy spreading misinformation.  My goal is to provide my readers with the truth about everything plastic surgery.  I will answer your questions and concerns using scientific and medical facts and my experience taking care of hundreds of real plastic surgery patients.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?  Because, I’ve always committed myself to being the best plastic surgeon for each of my patients and have the credentials and experience to support this.  In order to achieve this goal, I first committed myself to obtaining an unparalleled education at the top academic institutions in this country.  My education began at Princeton University in New Jersey where I majored in molecular biology.  This culminated in a full PhD in molecular biology from Duke University.  Molecular biology describes how our body heals after surgery, how it responds to everything from lasers to skincare products, and why certain products work while others don’t.  While at Duke, I also obtained my MD and basic training in medicine.  I spent the next 8 years at Harvard Medical School.  I became fully and broadly trained in general surgery and then specialized in all aspects of plastic surgery including cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and even pediatric plastic surgery.  These days, plastic surgeons spend only 5 years in training and have only a fraction of the experience that I had.  Finally, since then, I have spent almost a decade specializing in and taking care of hundreds of real cosmetic plastic surgery patients.  On a personal level, I’ve had cosmetic treatments myself and members of my family have had plastic surgery.  This combination of scientific training in molecular biology and clinical training and experience in plastic surgery is rare in this country.  It gives me a unique insight into all aspects of plastic surgery that I can share with my patients and readers.

Plastic surgery is a fascinating field and can achieve almost magical results for so many people.  Ironically, as we are all exposed to more and more information through the internet, magazines, tabloids, and reality shows, we are becoming less informed and more confused about real plastic surgery.  As the volume of information grows, the quality of that information and the expertise of those providing the information seem to be deteriorating rapidly.  To make matters worse, some are taking advantage of this distracting misinformation to peddle ineffective products and treatments with promises of miraculous and unrealistic results.  I see the resultant frustration and confusion in patients who come to see me every day.  My goal with this blog is to provide clarity and turn the reader on to the true wonders of cosmetic plastic surgery from the perspective of someone who is passionate and immersed in plastic surgery every day, experienced with hundreds of real surgical patients and procedures, and educated at the highest level of plastic surgery.

This blog will explore all aspects of cosmetic plastic surgery and sometimes non-cosmetic plastic surgery as it may relate to our cosmetic questions.  Common plastic surgery procedures (breast augmentation, liposuction, gynecomastia…) and less common procedures (labiaplasty, inverted nipple correction, calf augmentation…) are all fair game.  New gadgets and treatments and traditional techniques will be reviewed from how they affect the body at a molecular level, to how to best recover, to what kind of result you should expect.  Does the latest and greatest product you saw on Dr. Oz actually work?  Two top priorities will always be safety and natural results and how to achieve both.  Celebrity cosmetic surgery, the tabloids, reality TV and the latest plastic surgery news provide fun ways to further explore the truth about cosmetic plastic surgery.  Finally, feedback and questions are encouraged and can serve as topics for further discussion.  Comments can be left below or e-mailed.  The best topics are those that are of most interest to our readers and patients.  Modern plastic surgery can be safe, fantastic and transformative.  Let’s explore the wonderful possibilities.