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Putting Your Best Face Forward – Facial Plastic Surgery

New Jersey Facial Plastic Surgery – Parham A. Ganchi, PhD, MD
(from New Jersey Monthly Magazine – January 2007)

Many people believe the face they see in the mirror doesn’t reflect how youthful and energetic they feel inside. This not only affects their self-confidence, but also their interactions with their spouses, friends, family, and co-workers. “They may consider plastic surgery but are discouraged by the unnatural results they’ve seen in the media,” says Parham A. Ganchi, PhD, MD, a Harvard educated double board-certified plastic surgeon at Ganchi Plastic Surgery, in Wayne, New Jersey. “They’ve been disappointed by miracle creams, super lasers, and lunch-time promises. Discussing truly effective options and their beautiful results helps put them at ease. Seeing pictures of my patients who have had these procedures with genuinely natural results and speaking to some of them about their wonderful experiences makes everything exciting and real.”

Others complain that they look tired. “Removing a little loose skin from the upper eyelids can do wonders with very little surgery.” The lower eyelids and cheeks, which lose fullness and flatten with age, also need attention. “Sometimes, simply taking a little fat from the abdomen and injecting it into this area restores the youthful, natural and energetic look with no incisions and minimal downtime. Fat transfer is often performed under local anesthesia.”

The neck is another important priority in the aging face. “In contrast to the eyes, the neck should be thin and well-defined. Sometimes, a simple liposuction can transform not only the aging neck, but the entire face.” He adds, “When applied to the right person and in the right sequence, these very simple procedures can have truly dramatic results. They’ll look as good as they feel!”

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