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Fat Injection – NJ Plastic Surgeon Restores Youth with Fat

If you’re looking to improve a consistently tired look on your face or rejuvenate aging skin elsewhere, then a procedure used by NJ Plastic Surgeon Dr. Parham Ganchi – restoring volume using fat from your own body – may be worth considering.

The popular procedure – one that Dr. Ganchi has been performing for many years – has been referred to as a stem cell facelift or facial lipoinjection and involves injecting your own fat to restore facial volume lost to aging or weight loss. “Fat injection takes no more than an hour, can be done relatively inexpensively, and lasts much longer than regular fillers,” he says. “For fillers, you’re talking about an impact lasting somewhere between six to 12 months, if you’re lucky. With fat injections, your appearance can be positively affected for years.”

Most commonly used around the lower eyelids and cheeks to remedy the tired look, the procedure can be used on the lips, and other parts of the face and body lacking in volume, including the back of hands and the buttocks. Using your own fat, which contains stem cells that have the potential to become any tissue in your body, is the ultimate form of healing your own body.

“Getting older means losing volume around the eyes and cheeks and gaining fat in your neck – that’s how the face ages,” says Dr. Ganchi.  “Fat injection can restore the lost fat and brighten the whole face beautifully while often giving the skin a healthier glow.”  He notes the procedure can be applied at just about any age.

A Harvard trained, double board-certified NJ plastic surgeon, Dr. Ganchi is consistently ranked among the top doctors of the metropolitan New York area. Potential patients are encouraged to review before and after photos of his work and make an appointment for a consultation. You will also be able to speak with former patients about their experiences with this and other procedures.