Dr. Ganchi Hosts Top Students in The Princeternship Program with a Plastic Surgery Internship

As a Princeton University alumnus, Dr. Ganchi has for years been a host to students in the well-known Princeton Internship known as the Princeternship program.

Princeternships are short-term internships lasting two or three days and are hosted by alumni to help the best students get the “feel” for a specific career field. During a Princeton Internship, students “shadow” the host professional through a typical day’s activities.

Every year, Dr. Ganchi participates in the Princeternship program. He usually has between two and four students, each coming in for a two day internship. One day is spent with the doctor seeing patients and the other is spent in the operating room observing surgery.

The Princeternship program is an amazing opportunity for students to get a “real world” sense of what it’s like working in a particular field. Especially in medicine, the Princeternship host serves as a model to the students of the level of competence and of caring it takes to be successful in the field.

Plastic Surgery Internship Princeton Princeternship

Here is what some Princeton Interns have to say about working with Dr. Ganchi:

“Altogether speaking, I can honestly say that my Princeternship experience was not only an invaluable experience for my future in medicine, but also a very fun two days with a great doctor and even better person.  Just getting to know Dr. Ganchi was motivating because he emulated the type of doctor I hope to one day be.” Grzegorz Nowak ’15

“One of the most important things I realized from my experience today is that great doctors have to both be able to help the patient and also effectively communicate with them as well.  I noticed especially that Dr. Ganchi spent a lot of time with the patients thoroughly explaining procedures and answering questions, which are activities that other doctors might delegate to nurses. I believe his clients appreciate the time he takes speaking to them, which is one of the reasons they trust Dr. Ganchi to make them look the best they can.” Priscella Chan ’14

Plastic Surgery Internship Princeton Princeternship

“During the consultations, I really saw how engaging and compassionate Dr. Ganchi was as a doctor, making sure that all of his patients were fully informed on all the procedures and that they were comfortable in this environment. Many of the patients that were following up with him after their procedures were all extremely satisfied with their surgeries, which serves to demonstrate the great skill and dedication Dr. Ganchi brings to his field of medicine. It was really inspiring to see it all firsthand, and he will be the perfect role model for me to look up to as I pursue my own path towards medicine.”

“I had come into this Princeternship on the fence about medicine and came out more positive than ever that medicine is the right track for me. I cannot thank Dr. Ganchi enough for all of the great wisdom and firsthand experience that I was able to obtain during these two days. I now have a great mentor and role model to follow and hopefully I will be able to open my own medical clinic some day.” Stanley Yuan ’14

Plastic Surgery Internship Princeton Princeternship

Dr. Ganchi is pleased to participate in this plastic surgery Princeternship and offer his guidance to these students, some of whom will be the plastic surgeons of the future. “I have always enjoyed teaching and interacting with students and showing them what plastic surgery is really like as opposed to what they see on TV and read in magazines. I feel a deep connection to Princeton and its students and hopefully my participation in this program will help to motivate the future generation of top plastic surgeons.”

Princeton Plastic Surgery Internship – Dr. Ganchi

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