Gynecomastia Correction

Problem – Are you among the high percentage of male populations suffering from enlarged male breasts? Are your confidence and masculinity negatively affected by gynecomastia?

Solution – Treatment of gynecomastia in NJ with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi can give you a firmer, flatter, more contoured chest. Your self-confidence may be increased and your masculinity reaffirmed.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in New Jersey

You are a candidate for male breast reduction surgery if you have:

  • A history of cancer or liver disorders causing enlarged male breasts
  • A history of drug use (alcohol, estrogen medications, anabolic steroids, etc.) resulting in gynecomastia
  • Excessive fat, skin, or glandular breast tissue

How is gynecomastia correction performed? Are there any risks?

New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi performs the gynecomastia treatment surgery under general or local anesthesia. During your procedure, he will remove excess fat, skin, or glandular tissue. Depending on your case, he may also perform gynecomastia liposuction. Dr. Ganchi takes care to make small and inconspicuous incisions, which helps scars to naturally fade over time.

As with any surgery, there are associated risks. With thorough planning and preparation, we will guide you through this experience to achieve the best results with few unexpected problems.

How will I look after surgery?

A gynecomastia treatment is a safe and effective procedure that can enhance your confidence by freeing you from the emotional discomfort of disproportionately enlarged male breasts. Your clothes will fit better, and your overall contour will be more balanced and masculine.

Imagine yourself more balanced and masculine.

A gynecomastia treatment in our New Jersey office is only one of the many procedures we offer to renew and refresh your appearance.  Click here to see a list of other procedures we offer to revitalize your appearance or schedule an appointment for your specific cosmetic procedure needs.

IMPORTANT: Only a licensed professional with the necessary knowledge and skill should treat your gynecomastia. New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has completed training at some of the top plastic surgery institutions.

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