Eyelid Surgery

Problem – Do you have puffy or baggy skin around your eyes? Do you look tired even when you’re not? Do you have trouble seeing due to drooping, loose skin above your eyes?

Solution – An eyelid lift surgery in New Jersey with Dr. Ganchi can give your eyes a more alert, open look, reducing bags below and excess skin above your eyes. Blepharoplasty can help you look years younger.

Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty in New Jersey

How can eyelid surgery enhance my appearance?

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift, is a surgical procedure to correct the effects of time on your eyes. Eye skin can sag because of the lifelong effects of gravity, smoking, sun damage, or heredity. This procedure with New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi smooths and tightens the skin around your eyes, making you look more youthful and alert.

You are a candidate for eye lift surgery if you have:

  • Loose, baggy skin above or below your eyes
  • Fatty deposits around your eyes
  • Impaired vision due to excess skin
  • A puffy, tired look to your eyes

Although an eyelid lift surgery can set back the clock, no cosmetic procedure can permanently prevent the effects of aging. In combination with your eye lift, you may select other procedures to achieve your desired results.

How is Blepharoplasty performed? Are there any risks?

Generally, for the upper eyelid surgery, small incisions are made, following the natural lines of your eyelids. These incisions may extend slightly into your laugh lines or other creases. Dr. Ganchi conceals the incision within the natural fold of your upper eyelid so that you can show off your beautiful results without being worried about hiding your scar. Through this incision, Dr. Ganchi restores a youthful, vibrant look to your eyes by removing excess skin and fatty tissue.

For your lower eyelid surgery, Dr. Ganchi often conceals an incision below your lower lashes. He then removes any excess skin, muscle, and fat. Depending on your particular case, he may redistribute this fat to eliminate puffy bulges.

As with any surgery there are associated risks. With thorough planning and preparation, we will guide you through this experience to achieve the best results with few unexpected problems.

Where is this surgery performed?

Dr. Ganchi tends to perform eyelid lifts in New Jersey as an outpatient surgical procedure. A number of our patients prefer to have general anesthesia, but most patients are comfortable enough under deep sedation local anesthesia. In most cases, you even go home the same day. However, if you are undergoing multiple procedures, you may need to stay overnight. A close friend or family member must drive you to and from the surgery center and care for you for the first 24-48 hours.

What other procedures may be performed with an eye lift?

  • Facelift surgery is often performed to tighten or remove excess facial skin.
  • Brow lift surgery can correct a low position of the eyebrows, a sagging forehead, or furrows between your eyes and across your nose.
  • Neck rejuvenation (neck lift) will contribute to an overall younger appearance by repairing visible neck muscle bands, removing excess fat deposits, and smoothing loose skin.

How will I look after surgery?

The youthful results of your eye lift should last for many years. After some time, some patients may repeat these procedures, and add other rejuvenating treatments to restore their youthful appearance.

Imagine a more beautiful you.

Eye lift surgery is but one of the many procedures we offer to revitalize your appearance. Please ask us about other procedures to refresh and renew your natural beauty. Check out other procedures we offer and contact us to discuss your personal cosmetic surgery goals.

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