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Fat Transfer or Lipoinjection in New Jersey

Double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi offers fat injection/transfer, also known as lipoinjection, options to give your face a fuller, more youthful shape. The fat is removed from your body and is re-injected at key locations to fill out sunken contours and deep creases.  Please note that fat injection is a more involved process than required by the other injectable fillers that Dr. Ganchi provides. This is because it is necessary to use a mini liposuction technique to remove the fat from your body in order to re-inject it.

Fat transfer surgery in New Jersey is but one of the many procedures we offer to revitalize your appearance. Please ask us about other procedures to refresh and renew your appearance.Click here to see a brief list of procedures we offer.

NOTE: Only a licensed professional with the knowledge and skill required to achieve optimum results should perform lipoinjection and fat injection procedures. Look for a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has completed his training at some of the top plastic surgery institutions.

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