Lip Enhancement and Augmentation

Best Lip Fillers in New Jersey

Dr. Ganchi offers several lip augmentation procedures that are both surgical and non-surgical. All of the techniques are designed to give you plump, aesthetically pleasing lips. When you meet with Dr. Ganchi for your consultation, he will discuss all your options, and together, you will decide which lip enhancement procedure is best for you.

Fat Transfer – Lipo Injections for Lips

Dr. Ganchi offers fat transfer, also known as lipo injection, to give your lips a fuller, more shapely appearance. The fat is removed from your body and is re-injected at the mouth to give you plumper lips. Because it is necessary to use a mini-liposuction technique to remove the fat from your body in order to re-inject it, fat injection is a more involved process than other injectable fillers.

Injectable Fillers to Lips

Dr. Ganchi can temporarily make your lips smoother and more voluminous by injecting dermal fillers into the lips. Many of the dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a natural sugar that retains water, thus hydrating and augmenting your lips. Below are some of the dermal filler options for lip enhancement:

Alloderm® Lip Enhancement

Dr. Ganchi also uses AlloDerm® to give you fuller lips. AlloDerm® is unique because it uses a non-damaging process that encourages your lips to regenerate their own tissue. Human skin tissue has been donated and is run through a filtering process until the final product is a natural, biological solution that promotes cell regrowth, helping you have naturally more voluminous lips.

Lip Augmentation Before and After Gallery

Where will my Lip Augmentation be performed?

All lip enhancement procedures are performed at Ganchi Plastic Surgery Center. Our Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in Wayne, New Jersey, where we welcome local and out of town guests for consultations and the best lip enhancement in New Jersey.

Lip augmentation and enhancement surgery in NJ is but one of the many procedures we offer to revitalize your appearance. Please ask us about other procedures to refresh and renew your natural beauty. Here is a brief list of other plastic surgery procedures Dr. Ganchi performs on a regular basis.

NOTE: Only a licensed professional with the knowledge and skill required to achieve optimum results should perform your lip augmentation or lip enhancement surgery. Look for a plastic surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has completed his training at some of the top plastic surgery institutions.