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Breast Implant Removal in New Jersey

Women around the world see breast augmentation surgery and breast implants as a way to improve the contours and curvature of their bodies. In 2016 alone there were over 290,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States and over 28,000 breast implant removals Here are several reasons why a woman might elect to have […]

Women around the world see breast augmentation surgery and breast implants as a way to improve the contours and curvature of their bodies.

In 2016 alone there were over 290,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States and over 28,000 breast implant removals

Here are several reasons why a woman might elect to have her breast implants removed:

  • Simply Not Wanting Breast Implants Anymore

Sometimes a woman changes her mind about wanting breast implants. She may become dissatisfied with the way they look or how they contribute to her overall appearance. She may also become self-conscious about having implants at all. If this happens, it’s good to know that an experienced plastic surgeon can remove the implants safely and with beautiful results.

  • Ruptured Breast Implants

Ruptured breast implants can cause breast pain or changes in the shape of the breast. When a silicone breast implant is placed in your body a capsule made of fibrous tissue forms around the implant. If the implant ruptures, it might go unnoticed because any free silicone may remain inside this capsule. However, sometimes the tissue surrounding the implant may become inflamed. This can lead to some problems including:

  • Lumpiness in the affected breast
  • Changes in breast shape or size
  • Pain, soreness or swelling
  • Softening or hardening of the breast

If a woman who has silicone breast implants feels one or both may have ruptured, it’s a good idea to come in and consult us. Tests are available to confirm or rule out the rupturing. If a rupture has occurred we can go over the best treatment for you.

If an implant is known to be ruptured, it is best to remove the ruptured implant or replace it soon.

Breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recommends routine MRI scans, starting three years after the implants are inserted, to look for any small ruptures in silicone breast implants.

  • Deflated Breast Implants

Both saline and silicone breast implants have an outer shell made of silicone. Due to the softness and pliability of this shell is also be subject to tearing, When a saline breast implant shell tears, it is called a deflation. When the implant deflates the enclosed saline leaks out and is absorbed by the body. This results in a marked shrinkage of the breast.

It’s usually obvious when a saline implant begins to deflate and the breast typically shrinks within hours to days.

  • Rippling and Wrinkling of Breast Implants

Sometimes a breast implant will develop the appearance of visible ridges or wrinkles that show through the skin. When this occurs, it’s called rippling or wrinkling of the implant. Rippling usually develops on the outer perimeter of the augmented breast: on the side, bottom or in between the breasts. It may be especially visible on the top of the breast when a woman leans forward.

Wrinkling or rippling is more likely to be visible in very thin women. Under-filled implants are more likely to have this problem than overfilled ones.

Unfortunately, massaging, exercising or special skin products cannot eliminate rippling.

  • Fluctuations in Weight

Fluctuations in a woman’s weight can cause her breast implants to look less balanced in relation to the overall size and shape of the body. A woman who got breast implants at a time when she was heavier may feel her breasts are now too large and might want the implants removed.

  • Age-Related to Breast Implant Removal

Many women decide, as they get older, that they no longer want an implant. Some women want smaller implants, as their breasts have gotten larger with perimenopausal changes.

  • Sagging

After a time, breast implants may begin to sag. Removal of the implant is the best solution to this situation. Sometimes, a breast lift procedure may be needed to restore a youthful shape to the breasts.

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  • Neck or Back Pain (due to very large breasts)

The larger augmented breast, just like natural breasts without implants, can cause neck and shoulder pain. When this happens, a woman is likely to want her implants removed or replaced by smaller implants.

Breast Implant Removal in NJ

The procedure is performed on an out-patient basis and is normally done under general anesthetic, but can be done with a local anesthesia and sedation. This decision will be made by the plastic surgeon in consultation with the patient.

A breast implant removal procedure can typically be performed in about one to three hours, depending on the removal technique, whether implant capsules need to be removed, and if a breast lift is to be done in the same surgery.

After the procedure, the patient is taken to a recovery area for a short period of observation. A friend or relative must be available to take the patient home.

The incisions made during the breast implant removal procedure take around a week to heal. During this time the patient wears a wrap to help the healing process and assist in the avoidance of fluid accumulation in the area where the implant was located.

There will be some minor incision discomfort during the first few days following surgery. However, the recovery phase for breast implant removal is normally far easier compared with the original recovery from breast enhancement surgery.

Side Effects and Risks Associated with Breast Implant Removal

When performed by an experienced, Board Certified plastic surgeon, breast implant removal surgery is safe and has a high success rate. The risks involved are fewer than those connected with the initial breast implant surgery. Possible side effects include infection, bleeding, hematoma, scarring, adverse reaction to anesthesia, and unsatisfactory results that may require yet another surgery.

All risks are minimized by choosing the right plastic surgeon and by following all pre-op and post-op instructions exactly.

Results of Breast Implant Removal

Once the implants are removed, the breasts will initially look deflated, with a bit of a caved-in appearance. It takes about two to three weeks for the breasts to puff back out. The breasts will actually regain 10-15% of their volume once the central area fills in and the skin shrinks back. It’s important to remember that the way the breasts look immediately after removal is not the final look.

If a breast lift is done at the same time as the implant removal the deflated or caved-in appearance should not occur and the breasts will be higher and perkier immediately after surgery. There will still be swelling that may take months to fully resolve. Scars from the surgery will heal and fade over time but frequently do not fully disappear.

Important Note

We have found that many women who are considering breast implant removal are hesitant to get the procedure because they have been told by other patients or even doctors (including plastic surgeons) that their breasts will become droopy or otherwise unattractive afterwards. In the majority of cases, this is not true. Corrective procedures, such as a breast lift or other options are available to help your breasts keep an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Do not let this concern stop you from coming in for a consultation. Come in and discuss your situation and don’t make your decision based on what you’ve been told by others.

Please give us a call or email us at Ganchi Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

This information is for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as medical advice. Any change in your medical care should be first discussed with your physician.