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Patient Reviews for Dr. Ganchi
A Top Cosmetic Surgeon in New Jersey

For years now I have always been ashamed and hated my nose. I started to seriously consider getting plastic surgery after a family friend who is also a patient at Dr.Ganchi recommended me to get a consultation. At first I was scared and didn’t know what to expect but because of her real life experience with a Rhinoplasty and the other amazing successful reviews I saw online I knew that I just to make the leap of faith and go into the office. Dr. Ganchi and the rest of the staff treated me with such care and truly made me feel 100 times more at ease as they made sure to thoroughly explain the whole process walking me through every step. The biggest thing I loved about the way Dr.Ganchi seems to work his magic is that the recovery process was so much easier than I had expected! There was little to no bruising and I didn’t even have much pain at all. People who know me know that I have a very low pain tolerance and after the surgery was done it was a breeze. As I recovered for over a week excited to see the results of my new nose, I came back to the office to see how it looked under the splint and I was crying tears of joy. Dr. Ganchi made my nose look as if brand new and the look of it is so natural that now being 6 weeks post OP and nobody could even tell I got work done!
Its as if I was born with the perfect nose I have always wanted and I seriously can’t thank you enough for the amount of confidence I now feel every time I look into the mirror. Before I used to stand in front of the mirror for hours thinking of ways i could fix my nose but now I look into the mirror and admire how perfect it looks so much so I sometimes don‘t think its even real. I am truly so grateful that the whole surgery went well and that now I can proudly say I love my nose.
-Anonymous (rhinoplasty)
Dear Dr. Ganchi and team,
Seven months after my breast augmentation, I feel inspired to share this testimonial with you and all prospective patients. I am 57 and have been flat chested all my life. I’ve always worn very padded bras and bikini tops to feel more proportional and feminine. After feeling I would want to have a breast augmentation, it took me several years to save up for it and get the courage. I was fearful that I wouldn’t be able to do things like run on the beach in a string bikini if I increased my breast size; that implants would feel and look artificial and that I would lose sensation in my nipples.
When I finally had the funds necessary and Dr. Ganchi and staff assuaged my reservations, we set the date. All pre-op protocol went smoothly, the surgery was a success, and then it was my job to follow all the post-op recovery protocol 100%, which of course I did. All was according to expectations until about a month into recovery I could feel “hard corners or edges” of the right breast implant. This sensation freaked me out. It felt as though there was an alien in my body. Despite reassurances from Dr. Ganchi and staff, I lost sleep and obsessed over one of my breasts not feeling “right” (unusual feelings for me since I’m a yoga teacher and very “zen”, but alas I’d never experienced such a thing). I was told it was common for the implant to pucker or crimp in the settling process but that it would most likely resolve by 3 months post-op. Still I was obsessive and anxious until I was working in Nigeria 2.5 months post-op when I was washing in the shower and felt no more hard corners in my breast. I was elated and messaged Dr. Ganchi immediately apologizing for my anxiety and lack of patience. From that point on I have enjoyed my breasts immensely. They look so natural and they are the same size with no bra that they were with the padded bras I used to wear. Thus no one has even noticed I had the surgery! I can run and do all my vigorous activities perfectly comfortably with little or no support (thanks to Dr. Ganchi’s expert recommendation on implant size)! And I lost a little nipple sensation but nothing significant. I feel infinitely more “me” — more womanly, more proportional, more free and more beautiful. I now fill out all the styles of tops and dresses I always wanted to wear but never could. And to the eye and to the touch no one would never know I have implants. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do the procedure and to have done it with Dr. Ganchi and his staff. I wish I had done it 17 years ago!
I unconditionally recommend him for face lift (which I did a few years ago and it took 20 years off my age!) and for breast augmentation.
-Anonymous (breast augmentation)
My experience with Dr. Ganchi and his staff was amazing. He is the top surgeon in his profession and this was the
biggest factor in my decision to use Dr.Ganchi. He is extremely knowledgeable, skillful and very personable and patient taking time to answer any questions and address any concerns.I had a breast augmentation and lift as well as a tummy tuck. Both procedures were a success with no complications and a fast recovery. My results are extremely natural, something that was very important to me. My breasts look youthful and feel soft and natural. My abdomen looks like I spend hours at the gym daily. Honestly, I expected good results but as I kept telling Dr. Ganchi, out of all the pre and post photos and videos I saw online while doing my research, I have the best results thanks to you! To whoever reads this, this is an honest review! I would recommend him to any of my friends & family.

I had a wonderful experience from start to finish. Each staff member I interacted with was better than the last. Friendly, relatable, comforting, detail oriented. Dr Ganchi is a master of his craft, meticulous and empathetic. The office is prestige and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Ganchi Plastic Surgery. Thank you for all your help, love and support!

I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ganchi from the minute I was with him during my consult. Also, I was impressed with his credentials and previous work. I love my results! I have been recommending Dr. Ganchi to my friends and family.

Dr. Ganchi was very patient and answered all of my questions during my consultation. His certification was very important to me as it showed the level of his experience and his capabilities as a cosmetic surgeon. I had heard of Dr. Ganchi’s work as a surgeon from friends. People had told me he was a very good doctor. At my consultation, his gentle and patient disposition made me feel comfortable with my decision. His staff was very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with my results! I would really like to thank Dr. Ganchi and his office for making my surgery a good experience.

Dear Leyla, I just wanted to take a moment to write to you to express my thanks for the extra efforts you gave to help me. I am very appreciative to you and Dr. Ganchi. Your staff is wonderful, too! It is people like you who make the world a better place, simply by taking the extra time to ensure that all are comfortable. I appreciate the time you took to care for me. Once again, thank you!

First and foremost, my visit with Dr. Ganchi was very informative and thorough. He’s a physician who I completely have faith and trust in and who I would recommend to everyone. Your staff is a wonderful asset to your office. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Ganchi and plan on seeing you soon.

I chose Dr. Ganchi due to his excellent credentials and my two doctors’ glowing praise of his work and reputation. His staff was friendly and courteous and did everything to make my experience excellent. The information was very thorough. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Ganchi. He even gave me his cellphone number in case I needed to contact him! I would absolutely return to Dr. Ganchi for any other plastic surgery and sing his praises to all my friends. Keep up the excellent work and thanks for everything!

-GH (facelift)
Once I met Dr. Ganchi, he made me feel so comfortable and confident of him. There was no other choice for me after meeting with him. I knew he was the best for me! My questions were answered, he had impeccable credentials, great staff, very complete instructions. My surgical treatment was great, and I have fantastic results! I would absolutely return to Dr. Ganchi for other plastic surgery needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I have already recommended him to several of my own friends. Thanks for everything!

Dr. Ganchi was highly recommended by the surgical nursing staff at Hackensack Hospital. I really like Dr. Ganchi’s bedside manner. He always makes me feel comfortable and important. He always takes the time to sit with me. I never feel rushed in any way. The doctor and staff make me feel as though I am the only patient. When I call the office with questions, everyone is courteous and helpful. I remember I was worried about my procedure, so Dr. Ganchi met me at the office and it was the 4th of July! My results are great! I feel much better about myself. I am already planning my next procedure. I have even inquired about my daughter who wants to have plastic surgery. I recommend Dr. Ganchi all the time.

-CW (tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh lift)
I love Dr. Ganchi very much. He is board-certified with all the necessary credentials. Dr. Ganchi is very attentive and treats you like family. My family loves Dr. Ganchi very much as well. He also wants his patients to be happy and is very sensitive to one’s needs. I feel very comfortable with him. I have sent several friends who have also had surgery with Dr. Ganchi. He is a great cosmetic surgeon who inspires confidence.

-AV (tummy tuck, liposuction)
There was a big difference in the before-and-after pictures! I would recommend Dr. Ganchi to my own friends and family and would use him again for myself.

-ER (tummy tuck, liposuction)
Once my husband and I were satisfied with Dr. Ganchi’s training, experience, and affiliations, the tone of the office (professional but not “stiff”) and his manner in particular (patient, caring, not rushed) our decision was easy. Also, other doctors do not do the fat injections in the face. All of our questions were answered with no feeling of being rushed or the doctor being too “busy.” His credentials were absolutely important and his communication after the consultation was excellent with nice personal touches. Dr. Ganchi impressed me as a skilled surgeon with an aesthetic eye, who would truly strive to achieve the best results possible. That this was a value of his was extremely important to me. I truly felt that he would achieve “Park Avenue” results and then some, and I was right! My results are excellent! I have already sent friends to Dr. Ganchi.

I chose this office because of my two sisters. Both had surgery before me, and they were very happy with the results. Dr. Ganchi’s credentials were very important to me. His staff was very accessible and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Ganchi to anyone. Everyone in the office is wonderful. I hope someday to have a few more things done!

Lots of my friends have used this office. Everything was perfect. The doctor’s credentials, the friendly staff, and my results! I’m very happy! I will use this office again, definitely!

Dr. Ganchi was very thorough. I have decided to go for surgery as I was recommended by someone who had it. I am most impressed with Dr. Ganchi’s knowledge and background. I put all my confidence in him for a very successful surgery and results! I appreciated receiving a follow-up letter directly from Dr. Ganchi after my first consultation.

I selected Dr. Ganchi for his amazing credentials, his approach, bedside manner, understanding exactly what I wanted, everything together from the office staff and their friendliness and smiles to the wonderful atmosphere in the office to the cleanliness of the examination rooms. Dr. Ganchi exceeded my expectations, and I would not consider any other cosmetic surgeon other than Dr. Ganchi for future surgeries. I could not think of a single thing that could have been done differently by the staff to improve my experience. My needs were absolutely met, and my surgical results are great! My surgeon was great! I recommend Dr. Ganchi to everyone. You are the greatest! Thank you.

-MZ (body contouring, facial rejuvenation)
How do I feel about my surgical result? I love it!! The doctor’s credentials and the accreditation of the facility were very important to me. I have great confidence in the doctor and staff. I am spreading the word about Dr. Ganchi and will be back myself.

Dearest Dr. Ganchi… I’m so-o-o-o HAPPY! I just had to share this with you. Every time I put a pair of pants on, I look in the mirror and gasp!! with the words – “Oh! my God!! I can’t believe these pants FIT!!!” Words I thought I would never hear again from my own mouth!! My clothes fit so differently now. Clothes that were way back in the closet for years! I had my small, medium and wish clothes. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you did on my body. I keep on hearing you say… wait until 6 months pass. It’s only 3 months and 13 days since my surgery! Wow!!! I feel good and think I look pretty good, too, for an OLD BROAD!! You have MAGIC hands. Thank you so very much again.

Dr. Ganchi was very passionate, empathetic, and reassuring. His credentials, the accreditation of the facility, and the staff were very important in the process.

Everyone in the office was very informative and made me feel a little more comfortable about actually getting the surgery after being very afraid, confused, and not sure. Everyone, including the doctor was very nice!

Keep up the great work!

The staff is great – friendly, professional. Dr. Ganchi is extremely professional and personable. I like the way the technique was explained to me.

Dr. Ganchi’s credentials were the determining factor in why I chose him. He was also the only physician who could perform my type of surgery. The brochures and letters were very informative and creative. Instructions were explained and reviewed in-depth. This was very helpful. The care before and after my procedure exceeded my expectations, and I am very pleased with my results! Dr. Ganchi is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He made me feel very comfortable and at ease about my procedure. I would definitely recommend him to anyone considering surgery. He is also very kind and has a pleasant demeanor. Dr. Ganchi is also one of the most competent, qualified physicians I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

–CN (calf implants)

I came to Dr. Ganchi because of an ad in the paper. But, I chose him most of all, god bless him, because he’s a great surgeon and person! I felt very comfortable in his hands. His unbelievable credentials were reassuring. His wonderful staff took all my fears away. I wish they had talked me into getting this done a long time ago. I would do it over again. I’m so happy! I’m extremely happy with my results and my surgeon was great! I’m so happy about how I feel and look. I was scared at first but it wasn’t anything like I imagined it would be. All the stories you hear. I’m so happy I found Dr. Ganchi. I tell all my family, friends, people on the street how great a doctor he is!

–PD (breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction)

I am one day post-op, so I can’t say much about the final results. What I can say though is that unlike a previous liposuction procedure I had 7 years ago, this time I am feeling much better and ready to resume work in a couple of days (this already proves Dr. Ganchi’s far superior techniques). Dr. Ganchi’s office is staffed with very courteous and knowledgeable assistants always ready to help (they even offered me iced tea while in the waiting room). During my consultation time, Dr. Ganchi answered all of my questions (and then some) made some suggestions of his own as to why he would approach this or that procedure differently than I was originally thinking (but always taking my point of view seriously). I never felt rushed or persuaded to “buy more surgery.” But mostly, Dr. Ganchi is extremely experienced in how to work on the male body which requires a different aesthetic approach.

–FF (liposuction)

I am not one to tell my secrets, however, I feel I owe this to Dr. Ganchi and his staff. I have been to numerous other plastic surgeons and had some work done. Recently I was at my hair salon and I over heard a conversation about Dr. Ganchi and how wonderful he was, so I decided to check it out for myself. If only I had found out about him years ago!!! Not only did my results far exceed my expectations, the care and compassion I received from the staff was something I have never experienced. From now on if anyone asks how I keep my shape, I no longer take the credit myself!!! Thanks Dr. Ganchi and staff!!!!

–SO (liposuction, breast augmentation)

My son had this procedure performed by Dr. Ganchi, and I can’t stress enough how wonderful Dr. Ganchi was. The surgery was a great success, and he took the time to answer questions and concerns that we had. After the surgery, he gave us his cell number to call him anytime, which of course I did, and he helped us every step of the way. I recommend Dr. Ganchi to everyone that needs plastic surgery. He is wonderful!!

–MD (gynecomastia)

Truly exceeded all my expectations! I went in nervous and skeptical, and I left completely comfortable and I look amazing! Besides his unbelievable credentials, Dr. Ganchi is such a nice guy. In fact, his whole staff is just so down to earth and friendly. If I had known how easy it would be, I would have done this years ago! I’m going to have my best summer in a long time!

–TG (breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck)

Not only are Dr. Ganchi’s credentials outstanding, but he has a wonderful and comforting bedside manner. He is easy to talk to, understanding of your needs, patient, caring and pleasant to talk to. His staff was very friendly and helpful also. I would recommend Dr. Ganchi to anyone considering plastic surgery. It has been a great experience from my first visit to now.

–LD (liposuction)

I would highly recommend Dr Ganchi and his staff to anyone. I am a big chicken, and Dr Ganchi and his staff made me feel at ease about everything. Before I had the surgery, I felt very insecure about my body, as I had gained some weight since having my son. He assured me I would be pleased with my results, and I am more pleased than I ever imagined….Go for it!

–AL (liposuction)

I had been to three other plastic surgeons’ offices, and I have to say the doctors had no bedside manners and most of their staff is even worse. I felt very comfortable talking to Dr Ganchi. We clicked right away. He was very down-to-earth and really knows his stuff. Within a short time, I was enjoying my new boobs. What a fantastic job he did! And it’s great when you have such a great doctor and a pleasant experience. I would definitely recommend Dr Ganchi to all.

–CD (breast augmentation)

Dr. Ganchi is wonderful, both in his bedside manner and in his skill as a surgeon. He did such a great job on my procedures that not only do I love looking in the mirror again, but my husband now comments to me on how “hot” I am multiple times a day!

–DH (breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction)

Dr. Ganchi’s brilliance, skill and knack for making you feel at ease far exceeded any other doctor that I consulted. I had breast augmentation by Dr. Ganchi and am extremely pleased with the natural-looking results. If you are looking for the best, I highly recommend Dr. Ganchi!

–KP (breast augmentation)

Thank you so much Dr. Ganchi and staff! Dear Dr. Ganchi… When I went to your office for the surgery, I was so scared. You and your staff made me feel like nothing in the world is going to go wrong and made me feel safe. That was very important to me. Dr. Ganchi, you are an artist. I look way better than before, and my clothes fit 100% better. Believe me when I tell you if I needed more surgery, it would be you! May God bless you always. *smile*

–NA (liposuction)

I did not consider anyone else. Rather, I researched many, many doctors. Once I found Dr. Ganchi – I knew I would come to him. I continued to research your bio, your entire website. I always found myself going back to your site. I had another consultation scheduled after I had my initial consultation with you, but I called and scheduled my surgery the same day I met you – and canceled my other consultation. I was and am very impressed with you and your staff :). Dr. Ganchi’s credentials were absolutely important to me. The staff was great. I had a lot of questions and called a few times and was never made to feel like I was a bother. The pre and post surgery instructions were excellent! Right on the money!! Right down to the emotions before and after – I was amazed! Good job! Dr. Ganchi’s surgical treatment and care went above and beyond!! I would recommend you to anyone and everyone I know. My results make me feel confident and complete now. I feel wonderful. This was totally for me.

–BB (breast augmentation)

I did not consider another cosmetic surgeon because of Dr. Ganchi’s credentials and history. My questions were all answered, the written information was excellent, my needs before and after the surgery were met and I feel good about my results. I would return for more surgery myself and have already recommended Dr. Ganchi to my wife!

–SL (liposuction)

I chose Dr. Ganchi because of his experience and because of trust. His education was very important to me. The nursing staff was great and very helpful – they are perfect! My results are GREAT, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Ganchi to anyone.


My sister works for a plastic surgeon. I saw his work. I didn’t like it. I saw my friend’s results. She came to Dr. Ganchi. Her results were amazing! Dr. Ganchi has great credentials and a great staff who is very caring. I had my surgery, and I love my results! I highly recommend Dr. Ganchi and would come back if I needed anything else. Dr. Ganchi is an artist!

–NA (liposuction)

Dr. Ganchi spent a very good amount of time discussing the entire procedure. He also took the time to get to know me and what I was hoping for after the surgery. He answered all of my questions before I could ask them. He anticipated my questions and concerns. Bottom line is he took the time. The instructions were perfect and clear. The staff was always accessible. I am completely and happily satisfied with my result – it couldn’t have been better. I have already recommended Dr. Ganchi to others. Thank you for such a professional and clearly wonderful experience. I am truly grateful and happy to have chosen you Dr. Ganchi.

–GD (breast augmentationlift)

Dear Dr. Ganchi, I just saw you today for my six month check up. I can hardly believe it has been that long, the surgery and recovery all went so well. I had wanted to write you this letter since surgery to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did. I have never been happier with my body. Having my first child at 19 and being very thin caused a great deal of stretch marks and then three subsequent pregnancies with large babies didn’t help. Now I can look at myself in the mirror and be proud of my body, instead of ashamed. You are also one of the nicest and most knowledgeable doctors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I felt so confident about my decision to have surgery. I can’t thank you enough. I think you are just wonderful, and I tell everyone I know that if they want to change something about themselves they really don’t like or are tired of living with, they should see you because you are the BEST! Thank you so very much and Happy Holidays.

–GF (tummy tuck, breast augmentation)

I had it from an excellent source that Dr. Ganchi is the best, to which I completely concur! The spiral bound pre-surgical book is really professional and informative. The information was excellent. I’ve already returned to Dr. Ganchi for more plastic surgery and have been referring friends and family. Please keep using me as a source for anyone who wants any of the procedures I’ve had. You know I can not say enough nice things about Dr. Ganchi’s work, manner, and your office! I simply love my results!

–DH (tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction)

The information and credentials about Dr. Ganchi were sufficiently convincing and very important to me. I had excellent results and would definitely return to Dr. Ganchi for any other plastic surgery needs. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering plastic surgery. Keep up the excellent job. Everyone from Desiree (my initial point of contact) to Sue and all other staff members were very lovely, very friendly, and concerned about my well-being. You have a great family atmosphere. It was a real pleasure.

–LM (calf augmentation)

As a long time patient, I have always been satisfied with all my surgical results, care and treatment. I recommend the practice to my friends and family. The staff is wonderful and caring. They are truly excellent. The information packages were excellent also and very informative and professional. I felt secure with the professionalism and knowledge of the doctor – very caring and thorough.

–CG (facial rejuvenation, fat injection, eyelid surgery, neck enhancement)

I chose your office because you seemed more professional and your credentials were very important to me. Your letters and brochures were excellent. I would recommend you to my friends and family. I’m very happy with my result.

–BW (skin tumor excision)

The staff is there for your every need. The doctor work is wonderful. My results are wonderful! The instructions were great. I would definitely return if I needed any other procedures and recommend you to all my friends. Thanks to all of you!

–SA (liposuction)

I was impressed with Dr. Ganchi’s accreditation and his work on previous patients. The staff was very accessible and personable. I liked how the surgical information was personalized. It was very informative and useful. I am very happy with my surgical results and will definitely use Dr. Ganchi again for any plastic surgery needs. I am recommending him to my friends and family.

–SD (breast augmentation)

These experiences are not guaranteed. Each patient responds differently and results may vary.