Botox is a safe and effective treatment for lines and wrinkles, but only when administered by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Don’t Get Botox from a Party Planner – Find a Plastic Surgeon Botox Expert

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Last year Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox, generated over 3 billion dollars worldwide.

In the proper hands, Botox injections are both safe and effective in treating frown lines, forehead creases, “crows feet” by the sides of the eyes and thick bands of skin in the neck.

The key to a successful Botox procedure lies in the words “in the proper hands”.

People seeking remedies for wrinkles and lines have been known to allow themselves to be injected with Botox at parties and in store-front day spas.  There are even cases of individuals getting a hold of Botox and trying to administer it to themselves.  Getting Botox this way is, of course, dangerous, both medically and cosmetically.

But what about receiving Botox from a nurse, an “injector”, a dentist or a general practitioner?  This is also a bad idea and here’s why.

Botox is a prescription medication, only to be used in the most qualified hands. As with other medical procedures, experience and skill are vital to a successful outcome.  You would not want to get a breast augmentation from a throat specialist or a hip replacement from an ear doctor, although legally these doctors are allowed to perform these procedures.

When you get your Botox injections from a plastic surgeon, you are receiving the treatment from a doctor who has actually seen and operated on the very muscles that he injects with Botox.  You are also getting the injection from a doctor who has dedicated his professional life to plastic surgery and these types of procedures.  He knows, respects and understands all that goes into the handling of the medication and the results of the procedure.

To offer a little more explanation of why Botox is a prescription medication and needs to be handled correctly, here’s a little more about what Botox is and how it works.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin is a highly purified substance derived from the same type of bacteria that causes botulism. In high concentrations, the botulinum toxin can be deadly.  However, in proper dosage and frequency of use, Botox is an effective and therapeutic treatment.

One of the many reasons to insist on only getting Botox injections from a plastic surgeon is you can be sure of the Botox that is being injected into your body.  Any counterfeit or sub-standard Botox can cause harm.

How does Botox work?

When a tiny concentration of botulinum toxin is injected into a muscle it prevents signals from the nerve cells reaching the muscle and telling it to contract.  By preventing this muscle contraction the muscle becomes less stiff, allowing the face to relax and wrinkles to subside.

You want to know that the individual injecting you is doing so with the right amount of Botox and in the correct muscle.  This is a real medical procedure.

Who should you go to for Botox treatments?

Of course, you should NEVER allow yourself to be injected by a non-licensed individual or try to inject yourself with Botox.  But it is also vital for you to recognize that Botox is a very potent medication that should only be administered by an expert.  To demand anything less is putting yourself at risk.

When you seek Botox treatments from an experienced plastic surgeon you are putting yourself in the right hands.

Botox injections can legally be administered by a licensed health professional such as a doctor, dentist, nurse or physician’s assistant. But remember “in the proper hands” is very different from “legally entitled to do so”. You deserve only the best Botox treatments and those come from your plastic surgeon.

Botox injections are the best way to prevent wrinkles on your face.  Just make sure you are in the hands of a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Ganchi. Call or email us to schedule a private consultation.