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Buttock Enhancement: An Unfamiliar Procedure with Beautiful Results!

(from New Jersey Monthly Magazine)

Plastic surgery impacts on a woman’s physical and psychological well-being, according to Parham A. Ganchi, PhD, MD, a Harvard educated double board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Ganchi Plastic Surgery in Wayne. “Once they look better and feel good about themselves, many women are motivated to exercise and keep fit.” Dr. Ganchi is one of a small number of plastic surgeons experienced in buttock enhancement, a procedure of particular appeal to most women. Almost all are looking for a better shape, while some seek enhanced size and contour.

“Oftentimes there’s excess fat in the waistline and outer thighs, which makes the bottom look flatter and wider.” In this instance he will use liposuction alone. If more fullness is desired, he will transfer the fat removed during liposuction into the buttocks. How does he determine his path? “We’ll begin with liposuction because it’s the simplest alternative. Uppermost in my mind is how to get the best result with the least surgery.”

Buttock implants, he emphasizes, are ideal for patients who want significant projection and fullness, or for very thin women who don’t have enough fat for transfer. Unlike the silicone gel implants used in breast augmentation, buttock implants are made of solid silicone and do not leak. Depending on how the buttock enhancement is to be accomplished, the procedure can take place in Dr. Ganchi’s fully accredited surgery suite, or at Chilton Memorial Hospital in Pompton Plains. Mild sedation is used for liposuction and general anesthesia for buttock augmentation with implants.

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