Corrugator Resection

Best Corrugator Resection Surgery in New Jersey

New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi will perform a corrugator resection to remove the muscle between your eyebrows in order to halt the progression or prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines in this area.  These wrinkles are often called “11” lines.

Corrugator Resection surgery can also help certain people who suffer from migraine headaches.

Migraines are now thought to be caused by muscles that are pressing on nerves near the forehead. This occurs in different locations for different migraine patients. For some patients, the trigger can be the corrugator muscles. In these cases, removing the corrugator muscles can be a treatment for migraines. Good candidates for Corrugator Resection surgery can be identified by first treating the muscle with Botox. Botox relaxes the corrugator supercilli muscle temporarily. If this improves migraine symptoms, then removing the corrugator muscle can be a near-permanent resolution for migraine sufferers.

This short and relatively low-risk outpatient procedure provides lasting results by helping patients look happier and more youthful. This procedure is often combined with an upper eyelid blepharoplasty where the loose skin of the upper eyelid is tightened. For migraine sufferers, surgery proves a long- lasting alternative to continued Botox injections.

Where will my Corrugator Resection be performed?

All corrugator resection surgeries are performed at Ganchi Plastic Surgery Center. Our Plastic Surgery Clinic is located in Wayne, New Jersey, where we welcome local and out of town guests for consultations and the best corrugator resections in New Jersey.