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Cheek and Chin Implants – Facial Implants in New Jersey

Facial Implant Before and After Gallery

New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi performs a variety of facial implant cosmetic surgery procedures. Below are a few of the implant options Dr. Ganchi offers to improve the balance and contour of your face.

Chin Implants
Jaw Implants
Cheek Implants

Problem – Do you have a small chin, weak jaw, flat cheeks, or lack the facial contour you desire? Do one or more of these conditions cause you embarrassment or emotional discomfort?

Solution – Facial implants with double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi can give your face a natural, more proportioned look. New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi can add contours to your underlying facial bones, giving you a more defined jaw, a more prominent chin, or more shapely cheeks. Having a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing facial contour can enhance your self-image. While Dr. Ganchi has the expertise to augment any area of your face with implants, he finds that the cheekbones, chin, and jaw are the most commonly sought-after sites for facial implants.

You are a candidate for facial implant plastic surgery if you have:

  • A recessed chin
  • A weak or ill-defined jaw line
  • Flat or sunken cheeks
  • Disproportionate or asymmetrical facial features

What are facial implants?

Facial implants with New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi are specially designed, solid, biocompatible materials that enhance the structure of your face. Facial implants are available in a variety of types and sizes. Double board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi will evaluate your goals in order to determine the exact implant size, type, and placement to achieve the best results for you.

How is facial implant surgery performed? Are there risks?

New Jersey cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi will perform your facial implant surgery under anesthesia. Depending on the site you have chosen for the implants, Dr. Ganchi will make a small, inconspicuous incision before inserting the implant. During your consultation, you will discuss the best location to place the implants, and Dr. Ganchi will explain which incision technique he will be using. Because Dr. Ganchi takes such great care, most scarring is either not visible or very minimal, fading over time.

As with any surgery there are associated risks. With thorough planning and preparation, we will guide you through this experience to achieve the best results with few unexpected problems.

How will I look after facial implant surgery?

Facial implant surgery with New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Ganchi is a safe and effective procedure that can enhance your confidence by freeing you from the emotional burden of an undefined chin, sunken cheeks, or a weak jaw. After your surgery with double board certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Ganchi, the structural appearance of your face will be more balanced and proportional, giving your face a more distinct, symmetrically pleasing look.

Imagine a more beautiful you.

Facial implant surgery in New Jersey is but one of the many procedures we offer to revitalize your appearance. Please ask us about other procedures to refresh and renew your appearance. Click here to see a brief list of procedures we offer.

NOTE: Only a licensed professional with the knowledge and skill required to achieve optimum results should perform facial implant surgery. Look for a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who has completed his training at some of the top plastic surgery institutions.

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