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I did not consider anyone else. Rather, I researched many, many doctors. Once I found Dr. Ganchi – I knew I would come to him. I continued to research your bio, your entire website. I always found myself going back to your site. I had another consultation scheduled after I had my initial consultation with you, but I called and scheduled my surgery the same day I met you – and canceled my other consultation. I was and am very impressed with you and your staff :). Dr. Ganchi’s credentials were absolutely important to me. The staff was great. I had a lot of questions and called a few times and was never made to feel like I was a bother. The pre and post surgery instructions were excellent! Right on the money!! Right down to the emotions before and after – I was amazed! Good job! Dr. Ganchi’s surgical treatment and care went above and beyond!! I would recommend you to anyone and everyone I know. My results make me feel confident and complete now. I feel wonderful. This was totally for me.